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_KAM7014_A2Dr. David T. Smith has been a veterinarian in Florida for more than 20 years. His practice is the Sarasota Veterinary Center on Cattlemen Road, south of Bee Ridge Road, near Burlington Coat Factory. Dr. Smith is a past president of the Broward County Veterinary Medical Association, where he was medical director of two emergency and critical care centers, as well as several veterinary hospitals. He is currently the vice president of the Southwest Florida Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. Smith can be reached at (941) 377-3031 for questions or inquiries or visit www.drdavedvm.com.


Dr Reinhart PhotoDr. Michael Reinhart is the owner of Jacaranda Animal Hospital, located at 725 Shamrock Boulevard in Venice. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 941-497-1676, or visit www.JacarandaAnimalHospital.com.


IMAG0007Barbara Bounds is the co-owner of Belspur Oaks Pet Crematory. For 24 years, Belspur Oaks Pet Crematory has been serving the veterinary and animal community on Florida’s Gulf Coast by providing dignified after-care services that include pet cremations, grief resources and personalized pet products. Belspur Oaks Pet Crematory is located at 2122 Whitfield Park Avenue in Sarasota. For more information, please call 941-751-5044, or visit www.belspuroaks.com.




Suncoast Pet is especially delighted to have Susan Marie and Miss Olive as regular contributors to our publication! Susan Marie is the weekly host of a podcast, appropriately called “The Doggy Diva Show,” that can be heard on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play and Pet Life Radio (http://petliferadio.com/doggydivashow.html).  . If you haven’t tuned it, you don’t know what you’re missing! Find out more about what Miss Olive is up to by visiting www.thedoggydiva.com.


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