Free Animal Communication Reading

Enter to win a FREE Reading for Your Pet with Animal Communicator Hazel Tarr!

     Is your pet happy? Is he or she in pain?  Would your dog or cat welcome a canine or feline companion or does he or she prefer to be an “only child”? Does your four-legged or winged companion have a favorite food or snack that he or she would love you to buy?

Here’s your chance to find out! Suncoast Pet is offering community pet owners  an opportunity to have Animal Communicator Hazel Tarr answer one question about their beloved pets by hosting a brand new contest in each upcoming issue. 

     To become eligible to win, all you have to do is fill out the form below and click “Submit.” Hazel will select one entry submitted by the contest entrants and answer one question about the contest winner’s pet that he or she included on the form. The reading will then be published in the pages of the upcoming issue of Suncoast Pet.

     The deadline for entering the contest for the November/December issue is Monday, October 4th.

     If you would like to find out more about Hazel’s work in animal communication, please click here to read the article about Hazel that is featured in the September/October issue of Suncoast Pet.



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